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Morning After Soak Off Solution

Morning After Soak Off Solution

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We've created a solution that will soak those press-ons off ASAP! Grab our Morning After Soak Off Solution for the easiest way to remove your press-ons when you're ready to apply a new set! 

This solution works, honey! It's also RoseGxld brand pink and smells SO good! Just add to a bowl of hot water and dip your fingers in for 15-20 mins! 

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All Luxury Nail Set Includes:

Nail Prep Kit (alcohol wipes, nail file, buffer block, cuticle stick, nail glue and adhesive tabs),

Application Instructions

Full Set featuring 26 Nails


Plain Jane Processing Time: 2-3 Business Days 

Not So Plain Jane Processing Time- 3-5 Business Days 

Design Sets Processing Time: 1-2 Weeks (Depends on Order Volume) 

Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days

EXPRESS Shipping Time* (+$): 1-2 Business Days

*Please note, shipping time for design sets begins after allotted processing time even if express is chosen. Express Shipping is only for speedy shipping and does not affect the processing time. 


 1. Remove any polish (even clear!) from your nail with polish remover, then wash your hands! 

2. Trim your nails so that they are all even (especially important for nails with clear beds). 

 3. File natural nails with included file for smooth finish. 

 4. Use included cuticle stick to push cuticles down in order to avoid applying nail to skin. 

 5. Use the included mini buffer to buff nails, making it easier to adhere nails. 

6. Brush off excess dust with fluffy makeup brush and cleanse each nail with included alcohol wipe. 

 7. Place dab of included nail glue to natural nail and to the back of the press-on nail. 

8. Apply press-on nail to natural nail firmly, holding it down for at least 10 seconds. Repeat for both hands. 

 9. Once they are all applied, snap a pic and tag @RoseGxldNails on Instagram so we can see how dope you look!