Press-On Sizing Kit

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Want the most accurate sizing for your bomb press-on nails? Order a sizing kit with your set!

Once you've placed your order, RoseGxld will send you the appropriate sizing kit. After you receive your kit in the mail, use it to determine the correct size for your new set.

Email us the results with your order number and then your design session will commence. The back of your sizing kit card can be used to write down your sizes for your next purchase!


***We've streamlined our nail supply which means, new shapes and lengths for the gworls! New supplier, means new fit so even if you have already ordered size kits from us before, you will need to order a new size kit on your next order for accurate sizing with our new supplier!

Sizes still range from one shape/length to another, so you if you order sets in different lengths or shapes, you will need to order a custom size kit for each one. The good thing is, size kits are still free! So do yourself a favor and collect them all, over time or in a bundle, for a seamless  shopping experience.***